Logic and
Theory of
Discrete Systems

Informatik 7

Infinite Games

Lecture in Summer Term 2015

This course is given in English. There is an L²P course room for this course.

V3 Wed 10:15–11:45, Raum 5056
Fr    10:15–11:00, Raum 5052
Wed, April 8 Löding Campus link
Ü2 Wed 16:15–17:45, Seminarraum i7
Wed, April 22 Löding, Martin Lang Campus link


The games considered in this course are two player games of infinite duration played on graphs. A play in such a game is an infinite path through the graph that is built up by the two players moving a token along the edges of the graph. Which player wins such an infinite play is specified by a winning condition, usually in terms of the vertices of the graph that have been visited or visited infinitely often during the play. Games of this type are used in the theory of verification and synthesis of non-terminating systems.

Previous Knowledge

We need some results from the course "Infinite Computations". At least basic knowledge from this course is expected.