Logic and
Theory of
Discrete Systems

Informatik 7

Advanced Automata Theory

Lecture in Summer Term 2017

This course is given in English. There will be an L²P course room for this course.

Type Time/Place Start Lecturer
V3 Tue 12:15–13:45, AH I
Wed 9:15–10:00, AH II
Tue, April 25 Löding
Ü2 Fri 13:15–14:45, AH I Fri, May 5 Löding, Landwehr


In this lecture of theoretical computer science, we extend concepts and results of the undergraduate course on automata theory. These results can be used for information processing and system construction/analysis.

The following topics are covered in the course:

  • the minimization problem for nondeterministic automata
  • connection of automata and logic
  • automata on finite trees
  • algorithms for infinite transition systems
  • basic undecidability results in automata theory

Previous Knowledge

Knowledge of automata theory as presented in basic courses is required for participation.