Logic and
Theory of
Discrete Systems

Informatik 7

Theoretical Topics in Data Science

Seminar, SS 2017


This seminar covers current research development in data science, focussing on theoretical aspects. This term we will cover the area of "privacy".

Prerequisites and Requirements

  • Prerequisite for this seminar is a solid foundation in theoretical computer science and a successful completion of the basic courses such as Data Structures and Algorithms and Computability and Complexity. Completion of the course Foundations of Data Science will be helpful, but is not required.
  • Each participant of the seminar will be assigned a specific topic, usually in form of a research paper or a book chapter. He or she is expected to give a talk (of about 45 min) about and write a paper (of about 5 pages) summarising it.


  • Topics will be assigned at the first meeting of the seminar on Friday, April 21 at 11am.
  • The seminar will be held in the last week of the semester, Monday-Tuesday, July 24-25.
  • Instructor: Martin Grohe


References for the specific topics will be given in the first meeting. The following article may serve as an introduction to the area.

Dwork, Cynthia. A firm foundation for private data analysis. Communications of the ACM 54.1 (2011): 86-95.