Logic and
Theory of
Discrete Systems

Informatik 7

Infinite Computations and Games

Lecture in Winter Term 2016/2017

This course is given in English.

Type Time/Place Lecturer  
V3 Wed   8:30–10:00, 5056
Thu  12:15–13:00, AH I
Löding Campus link
Ü2 Wed 12:15–13:45, 5054 LödingWinter Campus link

The first lecture will take place on Wednesday, October 19.

The first tutorial will take place on Wednesday, October 26.

This course is only addressed to M.Sc. students, unlike the course "Infinite Computations". Note that B.Sc. students can not take part in the course.

This course replaces the courses "Infinite Computations" and "Infinite Games". Students who have already taken part in "Infinite Computations" and were intrested in taking part in "Infinite Games" please write an Email to Sarah Winter.


  • automata on infinite words (basic definitions and constructions)
  • deterministic automata and classes of acceptance conditions
  • infinite games as models of reactive systems
  • automata on infinite trees and their connection to games
  • applications in logic, verification, and synthesis

Previous Knowledge

Knowledge of automata theory as presented in basic courses is required for participation.