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Daniel Neider

Address RWTH Aachen, Lehrstuhl für Informatik 7, 52056 Aachen
Office Raum 4118, Ahornstr. 55, 52074 Aachen
Phone +49 (241) 80 21721
Fax +49 (241) 80 22215
Email neider(at)automata.rwth-aachen.de
Office hours email me for an appointment 


I am a Computer Science PostDoc in Prof. Grohe's group working in the intersection of formal methods and machine learning.

My research agenda is to develop technologies that help programmers write secure, reliable, and verified software. In particular, I focus on building verification techniques that alleviate the burden of writing annotations to verify software as well as synthesis techniques that make programming less error-prone by enabling to specify what to compute rather than how to compute it. The emphasis of my research is on using machine learning to create efficient and scalable tools.

My research aims at solutions for challenging practical problems, but I very much enjoy studying theoretical questions as well. To find out more, have a look at my publications and the tools I have developed.



24 July 2016 My paper on Synthesis of Safety Controllers Robust to Unmodeled Intermittent Disturbances has been accepted at CDC 2016
16 July 2016 ICE-DT won the invariant track of the Syntax-Guided Synthesis Competition 2016
1 July 2016 I started my PostDoc in Prof. Grohe's group
11 June 2016 My paper on robust LTL has been accepted at CSL 2016
18 Dec 2015 Three of my paper have been accepted at TACAS 2016:
18 Jul 2015 ICE-DT won the invariant track of the Syntax-Guided Synthesis Competition 2015.
18 Jul 2015 Alchemist-CS-DT won second place in the integer linear arithmetic track of the Syntax-Guided Synthesis Competition 2015.
21 Jul 2015 Presented work on Robust LTL at the annual ExCAPE meeting at MIT.


About me

In July 2016, I started to work as postdoctoral researcher in Prof. Grohe's group.

During August 2014 and March 2016, I worked as postdoctoral researcher in the ExCAPE project at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and University of California, Los Angeles.

I received my Ph.D. from RWTH Aachen University in April 2014, where I worked with Christof Löding and Wolfgang Thomas. My thesis is on Applications of Automata Learning in Verification and Synthesis. During this time, I visited Prof. Madhusudan at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

I graduated from RWTH Aachen University with a Master of Science in Computer Science in November 2007.